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Update April 25th.

Alaska Delay til May 4th and 5th.

Read Carefully Please

More updates will be posted on this site.

Thanks...many of you are so understanding, thanks so much.  This is the first time I have had a weather realted delay in 12 years.

Please answer your phones when we call make us a contact.  (907) 360-8182

Due to inclimate cool weather that is on going in the Northwest and next week. We could not shake all the needed bees for this weekends delivery the 22nd. We got some but not all of Seattle.  More bees to come for you guys.  Thanks so much for voluteering to give your bees to someone else.

We are Attempting to call everyone on the list.  Some don't answer phones, EVER, some gave us their work phone, some didn't leave a good number.

Some don't have a phone.  Or live in a DEAD ZONE.  Some don't check the web sight the list goes on.  I will in the future get a separate number for people to call to check updates.  With Global Warming and Climate Change this may happen again.

Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, Seattle are the only places that will be reschedualed for a May 7th and 8th Delivery.  Sorry for any inconvinence this may casue but weather dictates shaking bees.  This isn't Amazon.  We can kill a hive shaking in the rain and cold. 

As a Bee Keeper you will be intune with the enviroment.

We will have attempted to call everyone affected and left messages, last time five people answered their phones out of 120 + customers.  

Thanks for your understanding.  Remember: bee keeping is farming. Farming is dealing with temps, rain, wind etc. it been a cold, windy, rainy Spring.

The bees will NOT leave the brood nest to the shake boxes.


Bee Package Delay for Alaska


Hello all Alaska Bee Keepers,

This message is for you.  Lower 48 folks will get it also.  You guys don’t call me and ask when your getting your bees…


Due to the cold rainy weather in the Northwest the bee delivery will be delayed until the 4th of May. 

Anchorage  May 4th 8:00 AM. pick up will be in the morning at 8153 Lloyd Dr, in Jewel lake off of 82nd and Jewel Lake Road. 8:00 AM.

Soldotna/Homer May 4th pick up will be at the Car wash just outside of Soldotna on the East side of town toward Anchorage at about 3:00 PM

Fairbanks  May 4th, will be at Pikes Landing at 3:00 PM on the 4th.

Delta will be 6:00 PM at community center.

Gulkana will be May 5th in the morning at the Gas Station at the intersection of the road going to Anchorage.

Dillingham and South East.. will be May 4th or 5th as soon as I can get them to the plane.  Depends on flight sched. 

We are experiencing real cold and rainy temps and weather here in the Northwest and the bees that came off the Almond pollination came back half the size of normal.  Believe me if I could get bee earlier I would.  I’m not holding out on you or giving your order to someone else and I haven’t forgotten you. They the bees just didn’t build up as in previous years.  Everyone is short on bees due to weather Varroa mites.

Please make my number a contact so you know who is calling when the phone rings. I will have information regarding the delay or maybe a lottery ticket winner.  Answer your phone!  We called over 200 people in the Lower 48 and 5 answered.  Many didn’t check web site for the up to date info on delays, many didn’t give us a good contact number on the order form and didn’t check the box that says we would like to communicate with us via email.  So those folks showed up for delivery and we didn’t have bees for them. 

This is farming and farming successfully depends on good weather and mother nature.

Please understand.  Everyone has been really great and flexible.  This is the first time in 15 years this has happened and we really appreciate your flexibility and understanding 

My number is 907-360-8182, make it a contact number.



Mike Radford

Northwest Bee Supply

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May 7th and 8th Delivery.

The Seattle order will be a Tacoma pickup and Sequim will be at the Sequim Valley Airport Pickup.

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 Carniolan Queens

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